Whole Foods Markets to Offer Sought-After Pancake Mixes from Jack & Jason’s

October 11, 2012

Publication: Harvis Enterprises PR



Whole Foods Markets want to serve you pancakes.

Jack & Jason’s Pancakes & Waffles, to be precise – the latest whole grain health kick out of
the Bay Area. Putting a new spin on an old breakfast favorite, Jack & Jason’s pancake mixes
have recently caught on with working moms and families all across the West Coast for their
easy preparation, all-natural ingredients, and whole grain health benefits. Now Whole Foods
Markets are proud to offer their health-conscious shoppers three new pancake mix flavors
from one of the market’s most forward-thinking baking mix brands: Jack & Jason’s.

This independent San Francisco company makes nutritious and easy-to-prepare baking
mixes that are a custom-blend of whole wheat and baby oats to promote a high-fiber diet with
low cholesterol and healthy complex carbs. Sourcing the majority of their all-natural
ingredients from family-owned farms, Jack & Jason’s helps keep the local California economy
moving while providing rich, flavorful tastes such as sweet whole blueberries, crunchy walnut
pieces, and warm pumpkin spice to consumers looking to upgrade their breakfast ritual.

And the secret’s out: Jack & Jason’s mixes have steadily risen in popularity since their
inception, with positive reviews regularly coming in from Facebook, Twitter, and well-known
foodie blogs. Starting out at independent retailers like Bi-Rite, Boudin Bakery, and Rainbow
Grocery, Jack & Jason’s quickly popped up in chains like Bianchini’s, Mollie Stone’s, and
Piazza’s Fine Foods–this in turn led to wider openings at Draeger’s, New Leaf Markets,
Oliver’s Markets, and more locations all across the Bay Area. With Jack & Jason’s appearing
on more and more breakfast tables, it was only a matter of time before the company was
approached by the industry-leading organic and natural foods retailer, Whole Foods Markets.

Jack and Jason’s was founded in 2009 by Jack Harper and Jason Jervis, two corporate
expats based in San Francisco, after a trip to their local farmers market got them thinking their
scratch-made pancake recipe could be their ticket out of the corporate life. The self-
proclaimed “Pancake Kings of San Francisco” set to work in their kitchen, spending countless
hours and sleepless nights researching and developing what can only be called “pure pancake perfection”. This unflagging dedication to their craft eventually produced five unique

blends which ultimately became Jack & Jason’s flagship line of pancake and waffle mixes:
Original, Banana Walnut, Blueberry, Pumpkin Spice, and Double Chocolate.

Backed by the strong support network of their moms, dads, family, and friends, Jack and
Jason bundled and sold their first homemade bag of mix directly out of their local community
kitchen in 2010. Just two years later, the two successful entrepreneurs now own and operate
a full production facility in San Francisco’s historic Dogpatch neighborhood, employing a local
workforce and striving to provide smart, health-conscious shoppers everywhere with a fresh
take on a beloved breakfast food.

Jack & Jason’s is proud to partner with Whole Foods Markets in offering five of the most
nutritious and delicious pancake mixes available on the market today. And to celebrate their
favorite new product, Whole Foods Markets will be hosting free tastings of Jack & Jason’s
throughout the month of October. (Ask your local store manager or check Jack & Jason’s
Facebook page for dates and times.) Already well-known and praised by smart household
shoppers looking for a perfect balance between taste, quality and value, this breakfast treat is
sure to be a hit nationwide and beyond.