Jack and Jason Create Gourmet Pancake Mix in the Dogpatch

August 1, 2011

Outlet: SF Weekly

Author: Ben Narasin


As someone who grinds my own flour, I’m pretty picky about my pancakes. I’ve historically scoffed at boxed mixes and simple white flour, but I’ll use Jack & Jason’s mix for myself and my kids.

Jack Harper and Jason Jervis quit their corporate jobs and set up shop in the Dogpatch to pursue the perfect pancake in late 2009. They launched their boxed mixes in February this year in five flavors: original, pumpkin spice, banana walnut, and double chocolate for $6.99 each, and blueberry for $7.99.

​You can make pancakes or waffles from the mix in traditional or low cholesterol versions. I tried the original.

The bite is between fluffy and dense. The rich flavor of whole wheat and the lighter, almost sweet, baby oats balance nicely, and brown sugar adds a touch of sweetness. The mix has five ingredients, the three mentioned plus salt and aluminum-free (good for you, J&J) baking soda. You add milk, egg, and oil.

This is a hearty, healthy breakfast. At least, it is until you add butter and maple syrup, but as the comedian Jim Gaffigan points out, pancakes are as close an excuse as we have to eat cake for breakfast.

The mix is available at 15 San Francisco stores, but so far has left the Bay Area only for one store in Phoenix. Do we want to share these pancakes with the rest of the world? Sure, why not? A batch of pancakes is meant for sharing.